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Today with Farsi Nav, you have a personal road assistant that will direct you to any location you wish to reach inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Using the latest GPS technology supported by Geo Data, our updated geographical database for maps & layers, Farsi Nav doesn't only help you to determine your exact location, but also to know how to get from one destination to another quickly and accurately.
At Farsi GeoTech, we provide different applications of navigation systems, such as PDA navigation, In Car Navigation, Mobile Navigation and many more.

PDA Navigation

Since we anticipate our customers needs, Farsi GeoTech has developed the new Farsi Nav II application. This original application is highly effective and can now be enjoyed on any PDA. It simply requires a PDA device and a GPS receiver.

Farsi Nav II Features
•Easy to use
•Locates your vehicle and updates your route in real time
•Calculates the shortest and fastest route between two locations specified on the map
•Provides list of services such as restaurants, hotels, Gas stations, etc...
•Can create a personal bookmark list
•Provides clear and accurate spoken and visual instructions
•Provides turn-by-turn directions
•Customizable maps with main functions such as zooming, search, information and pan
•Displays car speed
•Displays Geographic coordinates
•Supports cable, Bluetooth, and built in GPS device on PDA
•Saves and recalls routing
•Arabic/English enabled

Farsi Nav System Requirements

•PDA device with:
1. Windows CE 2002 or higher
2. CPU 206 MHz or higher
3. 64 MB RAM or higher
•Any GPS receiver (Built in, Bluetooth or cable)

In Car Navigation

In Car Navigation system is composed of digital maps which are installed on navigation devices that use GPS and work within a special operating software conforming to world navigation system.The system, once installed on a vehicle, receives frequencies from satellites and analyses them.
Subsequently, the location of the system user appears as an arrow, point or a small vehicle on the screen of the navigation device whereby his location can be identified on the city map. On the other hand, these digital maps are modifiable by international coordinates when necessary. Lately,

there has been a major growth in the use of digital maps for navigation. With the fast advancement in technology, the continuous GPS reading devices allow real time navigational aids to function. By following the in-car navigational directions, you will not miss a turn nor be lost in new neighborhoods. Our data loaded maps displays to you the nearest available points of interest. Some navigational devices could as well display complete trip information. Whether you are under dense tree coverage or between high-rise buildings, anytime of the day, our maps will continue to point you

in the correct direction.

Nav Solutions

Now our team at Farsi GeoTech can develop any navigation solution for in house navigation. This application, mainly directed at companies, targets employees in order to improve the company's productivity and efficiency.Moreover, Nav Solutions can use any kind of devices such as handheld device, PDA device, in car PC or spatial device.

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