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GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a navigation system consisting of 24 satellites and ground stations around the world that work together to locate any spot on the planet almost instantaneously. GPS gives you information on your exact position at any time and this information can give you directions to your next destination.

The GPS is a simple and user-friendly system. It sends out a radio signal to these satellites and their ground stations to form a triangle of radio waves, and then calculates how long it takes for the signal to be received. This information is then run through a system that can translate it into a global position.

Just about everything. Being the most accurate way to describe a location, GPS is mainly used by the military to keep tabs on the positions of their troops at all times. GPS technology has become so advanced and easy to use that its uses have expanded drastically, especially over the last five years. Now, almost everyone has a GPS system!

Cars are the most popular place for a GPS system. Most cars use GSP for directions. A GPS system can direct you around a traffic jam with voice technology so you never need to take your eyes off the road. GPS systems also come with features that allow you to download maps in order to compare them to your actual location. In addition, they come with touch screens for easy navigation on the road.

General Packet Radio Service or GPRS as commonly known, is the world's wireless data service available within almost every GSM mobile network. It enables you to access the Internet, your email, video streaming and multimedia messaging from mobile phones. Farsi GeoTech uses this technology to communicate location data back to our application servers.


Tracking helps businesses keep control of their expensive assets, namely people, vehicles and cargos. By monitoring the precise location of vehicles you can determine which is the most suitable vehicle to allocate to a job, saving unnecessary miles and the associated fuel, servicing costs, hours and overtime. Through detailed reporting you’ll know exactly the hours worked and how your vehicles are being utilized.

Reports are set up by you to give you the right information for your business. Usually, the data examined in the reports includes drivers’ start time, end time, total hours driven, idle time, parked time and distance driven.

Reports can be generated as often as you like, either on an ad hoc basis or you can simply set up the parameters in the easy to use report wizard to produce scheduled reports in PDF of excel format. These will then be automatically emailed to your Microsoft Outlook inbox according to the schedule you have selected.

You can track your vehicles by using the web based mapping system. Simply use your usual web browser to access the secure section of our website and after successfully entering your unique login details you’ll be able to see your vehicles, monitor their progress and run detailed reports.

Farsi products are very accurate as they use the Global Position System (GPS) network, which normally reports the vehicle position within a few meters radius. Farsi maps then use this position to display the vehicle down to street level.

A Farsi track device updates the network every 60 seconds as standard and every 30 minutes when ignition is switched off, although this can be more frequent if required. The map, therefore, displays a near real-time picture of where all your vehicles are at any point in time.

There is no additional software required to run Farsi track. Simply use your PC’s web browser to select our web address, log in to the secure user section with your unique password to gain full access to your tracked vehicles. As you’re logging in to a web address you can be anywhere, not necessarily at your desk.

Because the map is viewed online we update it centrally as soon as updates become available, so the mapping should always be up to date.


Farsi Track mapping displays a ‘Snail Trail’ of routes taken by vehicles on the system. Simply select the times you wish the report to be generated and a graphical image will be produced for the entire journey.

Yes it is; we warrant our black box units during your contract period. This service is provided within the price you have paid, therefore no additional charge is applicable.

Unlike many other tracking companies we have our own team of employed installation engineers ensuring a quality installation every time.



Farsi products are being used by a wide range of large companies including government agencies, ministries such as Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Foreign Affairs and many more.




Depending on the nature of your contract you have the option to continue to use the service at a reduced charge. These options can be discussed and confirmed with you prior to you entering into a service/contract period if required.



Maintenance of Farsi Track is available around the clock 7 days a week including updating of maps and new services.We provide free maintenace during the first year and the a fee of 100 SAR is applicable per month per car.


GPRS 'push' technology is the ability to send information to a mobile device instantly and therefore removing the need for the device to constantly check for information which incurs additional network charges and delays.


ZigBee is a short range wireless technology which uses very small amounts of power and allows devices to mesh and talk to each other.


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